Translated works

Andrew Abbott


I have been translating AA’s works in since 2018. As of 2022, I have finished these three books:

Standalone pieces

Other Unpublished Works

For classroom use, I also have translated the following pieces for my students. They are not published, so the Chinese versions are not posted here. If you are interested to use them in teaching or to publish them in Chinese, send me an email.

John Levi Matin’s work2:

Teaching Embodied by Akiko Hayashi and Joseph Tobin (2015), Chapter 1 with TONG Liqin as 《身教》

The American Precariat: U.S. Capitalism in Comparative Perspective by Kathleen Thelen (2019) with MO Kun as 《美国的不稳定无产者:比较视野下的美式资本主义》

Problems in Physics With Many Scales of Length by Kenneth Wilson (1979) as 《物理学中的多尺度问题》

Teaching Practice: Plus Que Ça Change … by David K. Cohen (1988) with TONG Liqin as 《教学实践:改变越多……》

  1. DP’s Chinese edition is here. It is not translated by me and I am not entirely satisfied with it (readable, but made no effort to connect to other AA’s work). Here is my effort. ^
  2. Martin’s TT books has bee picked up by Chongqing University Press for Chinese translation, titled 「领悟」(方法、统计、理论)series. The first installment is out as of 2020.11. The series is being translated by a single translator and he has done a wonderful job (I have read the proofs of his work). I did my versions just because I want to discuss these with my students ahead of the publication. ^